Currently Teaching:

Physics 406 - Acoustical Physics of Music - Upper-Level Advanced Undergrad Acoustical Physics Course
(Spring Semester, 2017)

Recently Taught:

Physics 436 - Electromagnetic Fields II
(Fall Semester, 2015)

Physics 193 - Freshman "Discovery" Acoustical Physics of Music/Musical Instruments Course
(Fall Semester, 2015)

Physics 499 - Senior Thesis
(Fall Semester, 2014)

Physics 598AEM - Analysis of Experimental Measurements - Graduate/Upper-Level Undergrad Statistics/Probability/Error Analysis Course
(Fall Semester, 2013)

Other Physics Courses Taught:

Physics 212 - University Physics: Electricity & Magnetism
(Fall Semester, 2009)

Physics 435 - Classical Electrodynamics I
(Fall Semesters, 2005-7)

Physics 436 - Classical Electrodynamics II
(Fall Semester, 2011 & Spring Semesters, 2006-08)


High Energy Physics - the investigation & study of the fundamental forces of nature and the structure of matter at the smallest distance scales.

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What does production of particle-antiparticle pairs actually look like at the shortest distance scale?

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