List of S. Errede's Undergrad Independent Study Students
and Their Projects
    44 Joel Foster, "Sonoluminescence", (Spring, 2010).
    43 Adam Watts, "Impedance Spectrum Studies of the French Horn", (Spring, 2010).
    42 David Pignotti, "Impedance Spectrum for a Bb Trumpet", (Spring, 2007).
    41 Preston Koprivica, "Study of Acoustic Modal Vibrations of Drum", (Spring, 2007).
    40 Jeff Zahos, "Design, Construction and Performance of A Tube Mic Preamplifier", (Fall, 2006).
    39 Alan Carter, "Design, Construction and Performance of An Omega Bassman Amplifier", (Fall, 2005).
    38 Jeff Zahos, "Restoration of a BK Microphone Tube Preamp", (Fall, 2005).
    37 James Milsk and Gabe Jacome, "5E3 Deluxe Amplifier", (Fall, 2004).
    36 Ben Wojtowicz, "60 Watt Class AB1 Vacuum Tube Amplifier", (Fall, 2004).
    35 Raymond Lyons, "Design and Construction of a Single-Ended Class-A Tube Guitar Amplifier", (Spring, 2004).
    34 Melonee Wise, "Wireless Control for Robotics", (Spring, 2004).
    33 John Sadlier, "Development of Ergonomic Devices and Software for Personal Computers", (Spring, 2003).
    32 Benjamin Masters, "Gone in a Flash: Single Bubble Sonoluminescence", (Spring, 2002).
    31 Juan Fernando Idrobo, "Mechanical Excitation of Electric Guitar Pickups", (Spring, 2002).
    30 Thomas Withee, "Study of the Electric Guitar Pickup" (Spring, 2002).
    29 Michael Mulligan, "The Detection of Natural Electric Phenomena", (Fall, 2001).
    28 Joshua Dyer, "Design, Construction and Performance of a Hamamatsu S1337 Photodiode Preamplifier", (Spring, 2000).
    27 Mary Kathryn Anderson, "Triode Tube Parameters - Static DC Measurements" (Spring, 2000).
    26 Charles Platt, (Spring, 1999).
    25 Jori Ruppert-Felsot "PMT R+D for ATLAS TileCal", (Fall, 1998).
    24 Trevor Vickey, "Development of A PC-Based 4-Axis Stepper Motor-Controlled Epoxy Glue Robot for ATLAS TileCal", (Fall, 1997).
    23 Tim Lezon, "Video Enhancement of the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment", (Summer, 1997).
    22 Marc Hill, "Development of a Real-Time Atmospheric Ion Monitor", (Spring, 1994).
    21 Erich Lincoln, "Development of a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope", (Spring, 1994).
    20 Brad Janik, "Construction of a Real-Time Radon Gas Monitoring Scintillating Fiber Detector", (Fall, 1992).
    19 Chris Chaput, "Detection of Alpha Particles with Scintillating Fibers", (Fall, 1991).
    18 Chen Ji, "Detection of Alpha Particles with Scintillating Fibers", (Spring, 1991).
    17 David Gore, "The Tidal Effect - Experimental Observations", (Spring, 1991).
    16 David Gore,"Searching For Time Dependence In Net Gravitational Force", (Fall, 1990).
    15 Kathy Hodel, Owen Hayes, Janet Finch and Christopher Conner, "Analysis of Applied Voltages Across a Plastic Scintillator", (Spring, 1990).
    14 Sam Silverstein and Andy Jacobsen, "Axion Search Experiment", (Fall, 1988).
    13 Paula D. Santerior, "Z0 Boson Mass and Other Properties", (Fall, 1988).
    12 Peter Regas, "Chaos: T.V. Feedback and Henon Mapping", (Summer, 1988).
    11 Eric Gudim, "Measurement of Berry's Phase By Laser Interferometer", (Summer, 1988).
    10 Peter Seegers, "Solid State Particle Detection Using Kapton Foil", (Spring, 1988).
    9 Peter Seegers and James Elliot, "Development and Studies of Semiconducting Polymer Detectors for Use in the Detection of Charged Particles", (Fall, 1987).
    8 Stephen P. Lewis, "Calculation of Magnetic Monopole - Atom Excitation Cross Sections", (Fall, 1987).
    (Joint project with Dr. Ray Hagstrom at Argonne National Laboratory - continuation of previous summer's research work at ANL).
    7 Randall T. Allen, "Development of Acoustic Delay Line with Piezo-Electric Kynar Film", (Fall, 1987).
    6 James Grochocinski, "Chaotic Water Drop Experiment", (Fall, 1987).
    5 Will Johns and Walt Harris, "Studies of High-Frequency Quartz Crystals as Sensitive Gravity-Meters", (Spring, 1987).
    4 Bryan Stewart and Edward Michlovich, "Cosmic-Ray Search for Slowly-Moving Particles with a Lead-Glass Array", (Fall, 1986).
    3 Gerald Guglielmo, "A Hytrel-63 Continuous Cathode Drift Chamber", (Spring, 1986).
    2 Hunt M. Blatz, "A Systematic Study of the Properties of Structural Epoxies For Use in the CDF Central Drift Tube System", (Spring, 1986).
    1 Hunt M. Blatz and Michael Crouch, "Studies and Use of a Silicon Micro-Strip Detector", (Fall, 1985).

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