Please list any other comments you have? (1:00pm)

I think having some sort of critical thinking exercise, tutorial, WebPages or something of the sort to help students like myself who don’t particularly solve problems well have an idea of how to attack problems.

Mr. Pitts is a very helpful and willing to help professor.

The web homework should have more than one problem about a particular skill so that you can practice and learn more. This course should go by the textbook and problems and homework should be assigned from the textbook.

The discussion sections aren’t really useful we should just do quizzes over the internet.

More than I review should be given because so many students have an exam the time of the review.

Wish there was a way to make the crowd quieter during non-participation, but that isn’t possible.

This course is extremely well organized, which I think is really cool.

Discussion problems are worded poorly

Using the blackboard can give the student an opportunity to conceptualize the problem solving process

This class is very organized. I like the fact the most everything is on the web.

More time should be spent on explaining how to work the problems, and more time should be spent on explaining the concepts

Turn up the music before class

We need a good book!! There is not where to go except lecture notes (which just go ver easy examples and can not replace a good book)

Puts grades on a curve and no quizzes

The class text (the Black Tipler text) is visually appealing, but poorly illustrates problem solving

So far, so good

Discussion section is pointless, other than for a quiz. The problems we work on are so hard, usually only 1 person knows how to work them out and the TA doesn’t help at all

I do not enjoy the discussion sessions. They do to help me in anyway, I just go for the quizzes. TAs do not teach anything, they just watch us do problems

I hate my discussion section. My TA Tony Bollinger does not give me the help I need and the office hours people are too busy helping people that are more attractive than helping people that need help. I got help with 2 problems in a two hour period because the TA was concentrating too much on this one girl (I take it because he wanted a date wit her or something) and no matter how many times I’d call him over he would help me half-ass-like and would run back to the other girl. This conduct is unacceptable

Labs (so far) a little too long. Discussion (so far) we don’t get much done. Tutorials are long

Discussion is very poorly run. I feel that the tutorial is pretty pointless and the problems are too difficult. Discussion section is like 2 unneeded hours of physics. I learn all I need from lecture.

Discussion should be done better. There should be answers to the packets we get and the TA should do more teaching

Discussion section is very unfriendly. Need a better textbook-it has no hard examples

Better sample problems would be nice

Lect. And lab setup is perfect in my opinion…good job

Demos really keep the course interesting and moving. Lecture gives basics, can we have any problem similar to the difficult homework questions

Go over web problem in class

The lecture, discussion and lab sections of this course seem to be run as three separate courses. The material learned in lecture should be reinforced in discussion/lab, but it seems we just do different things

I think it would be beneficial to have the TAs in the lab section give some time to the students to work the exercises out. He should be going around, answering questions. But then, before we take the quiz, he should solve each problem on the board for the benefit of those who could not get it.

Labs are boring (use carts too much)

Discussion sections should have a time for people to ask questions in class so the teach can go over things on the board.

Nice hair cut!J

I think we spend too much time (class time & outside study time) for the amount of credit given

It would be nice to review material or previous week material in discussion first, so that we can review and make sure we understand that before jumping in to something new.

The discussion section isn’t helpful. The course should offer some built in time to go over homework—not just extra time going to office hours! the labs are o.k., but I think that is only because Dean is a great TA I hate the lecture note only format of the class-there should be a textbook with homework that follows the text. The lecture notes are weak compared to a text book—there is little in depth explanation in the notes. I do not like this physics course format very much

It would be nice if there were more lab sections

Lecture material, homework & discussion problems don’t correlate confusing as to what is important for exam

Discussion is a weak link in course. The class should require homework problems from text or on web more frequently. I am going to have to do a lot extra problems to prepare for test. Quizzes are poor reflection of student knowledge. Ex. On quiz it asked for Vo of long distance jumper. This problem required range formula (r+Vo2/g SinZG) I did not remember this formula when I took quiz. It does not appear in lecture notes and can only be found in the non required text. This formula is difficult to derive. On quizzes formulas are given to do problem and this on should have too!

More demos

Good lecture. The lab really does make the information given in lecture seem clearer. You should curve the class

I wish we could take more notes ourselves instead of just looking at them. I prefer to derive formulas not memorize them. We did better projectile motion derivations in math 242 today than in physics!!! I also dislike the discussion sections. I waste two hours to take a five minute quiz, during the two hours we do problems which might as well be don on the web??? The power point is ok…but I wish it was presented better on the web…in a more legible form. It’s hard to figure out what’s going on a lot of time, and there are not examples (almost) and the book doesn’t have nay good examples either….

My discussion instructor doesn’t discuss new material. More lectures (maybe 3 a week instead of 2)

I think discussion is a great idea, but is would be more effective if we went through questions as a class. Then I would know what I was doing was correct.

More detailed assignments xxx material would help

The class is much better than I expected. I do not understand how the course can only count for 4 hours credit when it meets for 6.5 hours per week. That’s ridiculous, just as chem 106 counting for 1 hours credit per week when it meets for 3. I do not understand how this is possible. I’m not sure if there’s anything Professor Pits can do about it, but it is something to think about.

I never took a high school physics course so for me, this course has gone at a very fast pace. There’s only so many questions I can ask TAs and classmates but a discussion section that was less groupwork but more of TAs teaching or reinforcing the concepts and when to use which equations would help out tremendously

Please, please fix the discussion

I like how hw and practice exams are on line. That gives me a chance to figure out my mistakes, learn from them and correct them at my own pace. Having the practice exams online saves me the $$ I’d spend buying the book

Discussions the TA should explain what we’re doing