What do you like most about lecture? (2:30pm)

The power point presentations and how they help show the steps in the problems

Itís nice that it isnít too formal reminding of upcoming homework is good, halftime helps sometimes. Youíre funny! Corny, but thatís okay, demonstrations are good


Definitely the jokes

Corny jokesÖthe drier it is, the better we can choke on them

Demos and acts

The organized presentation of material

I like the atmosphere, which is fun and not boring

The light atmosphere

The half time jokes

Instructor has a contagious enthusiasm, humor

Makes it interesting, tries to keep atmosphere nice w/laughter

The material presented is fairly stimulating and the demos allow one to see the concepts put into action

The demos


It not just a presentation of the slides

The friendly open environment makes learning interesting, and tricks the students into learning even if they are unwilling.


It keeps me interested

Fun. I like halftime professor is good

The enthusiasm

Demos, of course

This class is the first class lecture that I enjoy going to . Pitts is not monotone and presents material in an interesting way, not to mention the humor that is integrated into the course

Itís interesting

Fun to listen to


He knows what heís doing so it is not too hard to follow what heís saying


Demos, humor

The comfortable. The demos


The demos are interesting and they explain some about the formulas

The half time, everyday when I walk through those lecture hall doors, my face lights up, for I know there will be a half time filled with the corny jokes of Prof. Pitts

The learning

The demos

I like the demos a lot; I think it helps to visualize things

Demos are good. Power point presentation style is good

The acts-working working out problems

The demonstrations reinforce the sometimes abstract concepts of physics. The lecture notes make it easier to follow the lecture and make it more interesting because we donít have to write for the entire hour. Also, offer quick yet helpful applications of the lecture material.

Preprinted slides (i.e. lecture notes)

Tries to make it fun and easy going


The Prof. presents the material in a very exciting and fascinating. His laid back yet professional style is the best Iíve ever seen

Demonstrations. Good upbeat attitude

The lecture is very entertaining and stimulating easy to follow along and stay awake

Demos and bad jokes

Rather entertaining w experiments

Itís fun

The acts make understand the equations a little better

Itís entertaining and presents the material in an intelligible and easy to follow way

Very good instructor knowledgeable good attitude not boring

The instructor keeps me awake

There are several cute girls usually in site

Interaction and demos

Itís fairly interesting

The presentations and demos are pretty good

By far, the demonstrations. It really helps to see what is going on. I also remember the principals just by thinking about what I see in class (half time is also nice)

I love the demos. I also like the acts. My professor is da bomb and so is Prof. Willenbrock

Teacherís enthusiasm

The demonstrations

Professor tries to make demos exciting

The atmosphere. Professors speaks very well

The demonstrations are a high point of the lecture. The music at the beginning is nice

Demos. It shows that weíre being taught doesnít exist just on paper; also in the real world

Halftime, demos, acts

I like how interactive the class is. Lecture isnít just the professor talking, and the students taking notes

Itís entertaining! I actually enjoy going to physics lecture

That we get to work on a practice problem ourselves-really helps me grasp the concepts-locks them in my memory


The demos

Demos, demos & demos

Halftime, demos

Demonstration and acts

I love the demos! The examples and class participation is wonderful

Even though this lectureís 75 min. it seems like time goes the faster our of all my classes. Demos are enlightening. I like Prof. Pittís personality

Lecturer is upbeat. Demos

Shooting monkey-aka demos

Demos-my most interesting class of the day (they donít shoot monkeys in math)

I want a pony

Shooting the monkey

How it is make interesting with demos and the acts

Leaving. Lecture is pretty boring. We learn a lot but it is boring

It makes me happy. The sweet, sweet jokes

Fun demos; great teacher; halftime jokes (bad jokes are better than no jokes

The demos

All the demos

The demos and half time

The instructorís humor

The demos

Dry comedy. Smart guy