What do you like most about lecture? (1:00pm)

Professor is dynamic personality

Explanations to examples

The enthusiasm the instructor has about the course material and how it is presented to us.

Level of enthusiasm from instructor.

I like the lecturerís attitude towards the students. The atmosphere is very casual which lowers my anxiety about the course.

The demonstrations.


I like the fact that the instructor actually enjoys teaching us, and is enthusiastic about what heís teaching.

Instructors attitude towards the class.


The demos, the fact that a microphone is use so I can hear everything clearly.

Having lecture notes to look at, the demos

Good attitude of the lecturer, demonstrations.


The demonstrations and acts, and half-time.

Able to keep our attention through various ways.

Instructor is not boring as some can be, relaxed atmosphere only 2 lectures /week instead of 3


Demos, they show how the physics actually applies and occurs in real life

Demos are enjoyable

Some of the demos are interesting

Itís completely on the web

I like the acts and demos because they show some hard to believe concepts as true

Itís interactive not boring

Shoot the monkey (and demos like it)


The classroom atmosphere that Kevin Pitts encourages

The acts

Itís meant to be fun. Its is apparent that the instructor wants to defuse the misconception that physics is boring

Pitts presents the material in a way that is easy to understand. Having the lecture notes ahead of time makes things much easier to follow. The demonstrations are also great. Itís easier to understand something when you actually see it

Itís very entertaining and interesting


Demos are helpful

The demos help us understand the concepts better

Thought is necessary, we are not told what to think, focuses on main points

The demos, they keep me awake

The different part of lecture

Shoot the monkey


Instructor is funny so lecture doesnít seem so boring

The demonstrations

Demonstrations (leaky cup, shoot the monkey). Music, Calvin & Hobbs. Half time show could be better if people did stuffJ

We do the acts and they are explained

The demonstrations

The demos, plus it is interesting

Good professor, "makes learning fun!"

The professor is enthusiastic & teaches material

It is pretty interesting $ enjoyable

Halftime, general layout

The demonstrations

I like the energy the instructor has. I l also like the in class demonstrations

The instructors attitude

It has a fun atmosphere

Demos help me learn


Keeps my attention, demos are fun, instructor is a good speaker

The web based homework, the demonstrations

Cool demos

Itís not the typical lecture where you listen and take notes. It is interactive and not boring

Enthusiasm of instructor

Demos and acts-opportunities to ask questions


The beason, the cart and shoot the monkey

Pittís dry humor (seriously)


Demos, halftime


Lecturer is very friendly and interesting

The acts, and the demonstrations

Instructors enthusiasm

You keep our attention with a good attitude, presentations, and the 2 minute halftime break really helps to sit back down and pay attention for the remainder for the period. Good idea, especially in a class thatís 1 hour 15 minutes

Keeps me awake-instructor is very funny and engaging

Good demos the instructors enthusiasm

Good demos, instructor is very enthusiastic, keeps me interested

The demos and halftime

Interesting prof/demos


The instructor is an excellent teacher. He really seems to enjoy what heís doing and really knows it well.


The demonstration, sense of humor

I like the demos

The demonstration makes the material more interesting and easier to learn

Good demonstrations

It is very interesting. The acts help me visualize the concepts being covered

The instructor has an approach that keeps interest of the students, as well as halftime and demos

Demonstrations & the acts, halftime

Interaction & halftime

The demos

The instructor makes it very interesting and makes it a comfortable atmosphere

I like seeing the demos.

Attempts to link ideas to actual physical movement

The demoís are quite stimulating as far as intellectual curiosity is concerned

Lots of slides, easy to follow

The experiments demonstrations


The demonstrations

Itís interesting

The acts are good

Light fun atmosphere


Demonstrations, halftime


Demonstrations, class interaction

I like how notes are preprinted so I can listen more

Halftime. Acts help me better understand rest of boring stuff in lecture. Demos (shoot the monkey) Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Music at start


Variety of activities

Demos, halftime acts, shoot the monkey

The breakJ

The demonstration

Shooting the monkey

Stimulating, interesting, and the dry humor (kidding)

The monkey of course

The shooting of the monkey. This should be done every lecture

The lecture is interesting humorous and complete

Shooting the monkey

Good lecturer, demos

The lectures and demos are fine-I just wish there was more math and less power point mumbo jumbo




The demonstrations

The demos and checking out the scenery

The great jokes


Acts, problems and demos

The presentation and the demonstration!!

That I do not have to take notes since I have the book

The demonstrations are very helpful

Despite its length, it seems to go by as fast as a normal class. It is fairly interesting

The acts

The demonstration

Demos humor

Demos of course

Halftime is a good break for such a long lecture

2 days /week. Lecture notes readily available demos

Professor Pitts is great, very energetic, funny, and extremely knowledgeable.

The interaction, demos, halftime, and making it more fun

You try to relate to students

The demonstrations




Good slides stuff is explained well


Interesting the examples are good

It seems well organized, and I like having the lecture slides to read along with him. The professor tries to make class interesting

Good visual aids


Demos and halftime

It is explained very well. Easy to understand