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UIUC HEP Mu2e Research Group Photos


Emily Duffield's positron bundle with bremsstrahlung radiation in the Mu2e tracking chamber.

Emily Duffield's electron trajectory envelope and proton absorber shell studies.

Ray Clay's studies of a six-bladed proton absorber for Mu2e.

Ray's and Emily's ultimate proton absorber and shell, seen from downstream.

Chris Lam's studies of calorimeter response.

Suerfu's studies of calibration injection phase space mapping onto signal electron phase space.

Ray Clay at work on Geant4 simulations

Emily and Michael in the lab

About to leave for July 2011 Fermilab collaboration meeting

Lunchtime at FNAL: Suerfu, Ray, Chris

Michael in the cafeteria

In Wilson Hall

Going to see the Fermilab buffalo

Buffalo watching

Buffalo gazing


Buffalo watching

Ray presents at the collaboration meeting

Suerfu presents at the collaboration meeting

Fogo de Chao dinner

At Fogo de Chao

At Fogo de Chao


A histogram from Devyn Shafer's tracking studies


Mu2e collaboration meeting at Fermilab, August 7, 2009

John, working on a Mu2e linac-based calibration system spectrometer.

Grace and a collimation system simulation.

Tim and a beam transport simulation.

Guangyong and his calibration electron injection port results

Matt studying particle identification through dE/dx and timing measurements

Daniel and the helical proton absorber

Sam, developing presentation graphics for the August 2009 Mu2e collaboration meeting

Stereolithography 6% scale model of a helical proton absorber for Mu2e

We visit the Mechanical Engineering Department's Ford Laboratory to check out the stereolithography fabrication systems. Left to right: Daniel, Matt, Sam, Tim, Guangyong.

Bob Coverdill and a Viper STL machine

Fabricating proton absorber scale models in the Objet STL machine

Viper STL generating the top layer of an (entirely submerged) object

Support matrix used to hold fragile parts in the Viper STL

Electron, (positive) pion, and muon tracks in Matt's dE//dx simulations

Sam's rendition of our Mu2e concept

Sam and Guangyong at Fermilab

Matt and Daniel at Fermilab

John. Chris, and David Hertzog at Fermilab


Alex, developing an A0 beamline simulation

Jason, working on OpenClovis supervisory software

Mike and Mike with an ATCA (Advanced TeleCommunications Architecture) shelf

Perry, evaluating an ADuC7020 microcontroller as a possible IPMC platform

Will, calculating axion production rates for an "axion cannon"

Yehan, parsing the ATCA shelf manager's backplane communications standard

Spying on an ATCA shelf backplane    

ATCA backplane data    

George, in a suit    

ADuC7020 microcontroller tests

Field map for AØ spectrometer magnet used in damping ring kicker studies at Fermilab

The UIUC ILC group (Haney, Gollin are missing) leaving for a Fermilab/Argonne roadtrip

Corrector magnet at AØ

We present results at Argonne

Yehan describing ATCA architecture


2006 and earlier

Copper dowels used for NLC accelerating structures. #2 has been heat-treated to bring up its grain size.

Propagation of shear and compression waves in simulated grain-free copper. Click here to see the animation that corresponds to this figure (10.5 MB AVI)

Propagation of shear and compression waves in simulated grainy copper. Click here to see the animation that corresponds to this figure (13.6 MB AVI)


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