Special Relativity in 14 Easy (Hyper)lessons

  1. The speed of light is constant
  2. Stationary and moving "light clocks"
  3. Moving clocks tick slowly
  4. Quantitative description of time dilation
  5. Two ways to measure the length of a moving object
  6. Time dilation  Lorentz contraction
  7. Definition of an event: measurements specify intervals between events
  8. Constant speed of light  nonsimultaneity of events
  9. Quantitative description of nonsimultaneity
  10. Lorentz transformations
  11. Relativistic train/tunnel "paradox"
  12. Paradox explained
  13. Can a massive object exceed the speed of light?
  14. Why there are magnetic fields

Here's a very challenging problem which illustrates how some General Relativistic effects can be derived from Special Relativity and the Principle of Equivalence.


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