JULIUS RASCHEFF, is a graduate of the French and Czech film Academies IDHEC and FAMU in Paris and Prague. His eminent and variegated career has brought him international recognition long before he joined the excellent faculty of the UIUC School of Art & Design in 1971. His independent Feature Film productions, "Les Oliviers de la Justice", "The Lift" and "Lydia", are highly praised by critics around the world and have been awarded, at the Cannes International Film Festival, France; Commonwealth International Film Festival, London, United Kingdom; Montréal International Film Festival, Canada etc. Some of his students are presently engaged in Hollywood, producing scripts for Star Trek and many TV Shows. Other former students have authored either Feature Films, such as "The Mask", "Eraser"etc., or the internationally celebrated music videos: Sting, Ah-Ha!,and Suzanne Vega. He has obtained numerous internal and external grants. Prof. Rascheff has been invited to lecture in Japan, Indonesia, Europe and is a Fulbright scholar. The Cinematography Program ( see Juliusí sample movie and some art at http://www.staff.uiuc.edu/~jraschef) received a distinction plaque for excellence in 1992, from the Eastman Kodak Company. He is a writer, photographer, innovator- researcher and idea man, works with, and presently teaches, Digital Cinematography and Screenwriting at the School of Art and Design in Champaign - Urbana, USA.

Phone: 217 333-0855