From "Brief Notes," Inside Illinois, April 6, 2000

"Collaborative performance is April 8

The usual boundaries that separate the arts from the sciences will be tested, bent and blurred in a performance-installation at 7 p.m. April 8 at Loomis Lab.

The event is a collaborative effort by students enrolled in Architecture 372, an interdisciplinary design studio focusing on construction and movement, and students in dance professor Linda Lehovec's improvisation class. This is the second year that dance and architecture students have combined forces in the experimental course, which encourages them to explore movement through a variety of built spaces. Cinematography professor Julius Rascheff and two of his students worked with the dance and architecture teams as well, capturing the explorations on film.

A new twist has been added to this year's course by introducing physics into the mix. UI physics professor George Gollin, whose own teaching in the past has included lessons in "the kinematics of dance," has worked with the students throughout the semester. Much of the work, he said, has focused on "exploring whether boundaries between something are fixed or vague -- a concept which is very much like notions in modern physics."

The performance-installation at Loomis is free and open to the public."

The article forgot to mention that professor Rebecca Williamson is the driving force behind much of the effort. An erratum will be published in a later edition of Inside Illinois.