Accelerators:  Theory and Applications

Physics 498ACC

The University of Illinois Summer II Course

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign





ACCELERATORS: Theory and Applications

Professors Frederick Mills and Deborah Errede

                         498ACC                                                                                         Semester: Summer 1999

                         Time: M 1:00 p.m. 4 p.m. Tu 9:00am 12:00 noon            Credit: 1 Unit

                         Place: 147 Loomis                                                                       Call Number: 00783


This course introduces the basic concepts in accelerator theory and practice. After a brief review of classical mechanics, the following topics are developed; longitudinal and transverse motion of particles in linear and nonlinear fields in linear and circular accelerators; effects of synchrotron radiation on particle motion; collective motion of particle beams. Applications in Particle, Nuclear, Surface, and Condensed Matter Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be discussed. Since accelerators are important resources for these fields, their understanding will enable curious scientists better to understand the requirements of their apparatus and to contribute to the direction of the future of their field.

Prerequisites include Hamiltonian Mechanics (PHYCS 225/326 or PHYCS 414) and Electromagnetic Theory (PHYCS 335/336 or PHYCS 411/412).


Physics 498ACC, 1999 Summer Term

Accelerators, Theory and Practice

D. M. Errede and F. E. Mills

Date Subject Lecturer
June 14 Review of Mechanics  
June 15 Pendulum Motion  
June 21 Accelerator Coordinates  
June 22 Betatron Oscillations  
June 28 Lattice Calculations  
June 29 Radio Frequency Acceleration  
July 5 No Class Meeting, Holiday  
July 6 Synchrotrons and Linacs  
July 12 Synchrotron Radiation  
July 13 Linear e+-e- Colliders Robert Siemann, Stanford
July 19 Resonances, Extraction  
July 20 Collective Effects  
July 26 Hadron and Muon Colliders Alvin Tollestrup,Fermilab
July 27 Synchrotron Light Sources and Spallation Neutron Sources Robert Kustom, Argonne
August 2 Student Reports  
August 3 Student Reports  
August 7 Summer Term Ends  


A List of Reference Books for the course