Evidence of the Cabibbo-Suppressed decay Lambda(c) --> pK-K+
by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Abstract. We report evidence for the Cabibbo-suppressed decay of the charm baryon Lambda(c) into the final state pKK. The analysis is performed on data collected by high energy photoproduction experiment E687 during the 1990-91 Fermilab fixed target run. The branching ratio of the decay Lambda(c) --> pKK relative to the non-suppressed Lambda(c) --> pKpi is measured to be BR(Lambda(c) --> pKK/Lambda(c) --> pKK)= 0.096 +- 0.029 +- 0.010. The upper limit of the decay into p phi relative to the inclusive p KK decay is measured to be BR(Lambda(c) --> p phi/ Lambda(c) --> p KK) < 58 % at the 90% confidence level.