Precise Measurements of the Do and D+ Meson Lifetimes
by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Abstract. We report precise measurements of the D^o and D^+ meson lifetimes by the E687 Collaboration at Fermilab. The measurements have been made using 16,000 fully reconstructed decays of the D^o into the K^-\pi^+ and K^-\pi^+\pi^-\pi^+ final states and 9,000 decays of the D^+ into the K^-\pi^+\pi^+ final state. The lifetimes of the D^o and D^+ mesons are measured to be 0.413 +- 0.004 +- 0.003~ps and 1.048+- 0.015+- 0.011 ps respectively.