First evidence of Omega(c)0 --> Omega(-) pi(+)
by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Abstract. We report evidence of a narrow resonance at a mass of $2705.9 \pm 3.3 \pm 2.0$ MeV/c$^2$ in the final state $\Omega^- \pi^+$ and the charge conjugate. The mass and width support the interpretation of a weakly decaying doubly strange charmed baryon, the $\Omega_c^0$. Limits on the relative branching ratios for $\Omega_c^0 \rightarrow \Xi^- K^-\pi^+\pi^+$ and $\Omega_c^0\rightarrow \Omega^- \pi^-\pi^+\pi^+$ are also presented.