Study Of D0 ---> K0(s) Pi+ Pi- And D0 ---> K0(s) K+ K- In High-Energy Photoproduction
by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Analysis of the resonant and non-resonant branching fractions for the decays D0 ---> K0(s) Pi+ Pi- and D0 ---> K0(s) K+ K- is presented. For the D0 ---> K0(s) Pi+ Pi-, a fit to the observed Dalitz plot was performed to determine the complex amplitudes of the sub-component modes. For the D0 ---> K0(s) K+ K- decay, measurements of the branching ratios D0 ---> K0(s) K+ K-(inclusive), D0 ---> K0(s) phi, and D0 ---> K0(s) K+ K- (non-phi) relative to the K0(s) Pi+ Pi- mode are reported. The data were collected by the Fermilab high energy photoproduction experiment E687.