Rate Dependence Studies Data Page.

We are studying the rate dependent responses of photomultiplier tubes utilizing pulsing LEDs. We used a single fast blue LED from NICHIA. The pulse rate ranges from 1Hz to 10MHz with a fixed pulse width of 44ns.

LED Pulser:

LED Pulsing Circuit (Postscript).
Scope Trace from the LED pulser (GIF).

Photomultiplier Tube Responses for R-5900 6A23C1 and Base Number 63:

Propagation Delay versus Voltage within the R5900 PMT (JPG).

No Attenuation:


PMT Response Comparisons for Different Tubes:

Comparison of Two Different Third Generation and One Second Generation Tubes at 550V: (JPG).

Comparison of Equivalent Voltage Response for Different Styles of PMTs with 10,000x Attentuation: (JPG).

Scope Traces of PMT responses for R-5900 6A23C1 and Base Number 63:

Responses at 600V across the base of the PMT:

Responses at 450V across the base of the PMT:

Photodiode Responses:

Amplifier for the FND-100 Photodiode (Postscript).

Rate Dependent Responses of FND-100 and FFD-200 Photodiodes (JPG).

Oscilliscope Traces

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