UI ATLAS TileCal LeCroy 1691B PC interface for 1821 FASTBUS controller.

There is a special interface card needed for talking to the LeCroy 1821 FASTBUS crate controller. We got the 1691B for PCs. There is one for CAMAC interfacing (LeCroy 2891A). The 1691B hooks up through the front panel by a 34 pin flat cable. (Maximum length is 3 meters.) The 1691B takes a 16-bit ISA expansion slot in the PC.

LeCroy provides some software called LIFT (LeCroy Interactive FASTBUS Toolkit); however, they no longer support it. The FermiLab people have updated the software with something called SPUDS (Single Platform Uniting Diagnostic Software). This is also old. It is only 16-bit .dll's. This has NOT worked for us. We have been using National Instruments LabWindows CVI 3.0.1, and it just can't deal with 16-bit .dll's. So, our project is to create a 32-bit .dll for the 1691B.

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