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The Purpose

Our group is also involved in the production of the submodules for the ATLAS Scintillating Tile Hadron Calorimeter (TileCal). The submodules we are building are for one of two so-called "Extended Barrel" Scintillating Tile Hadron Calorimeters.  We will be building ~ 200 TileCal submodules here at UIUC.  Each TileCal Extended Barrel Hadron Calorimeter module is composed of 9 such submodules. A total of 64 modules are needed for each of the Extended Barrel Scintillating Tile Hadron Calorimeters.

Status of ATLAS TileCal Submodule Production at UIUC

For a summary of the current status of submodule production at UIUC, follow this link

Documentation on ATLAS TileCal Submodule Production at UIUC

To view documentation associated with the production of ATLAS TileCal Submodules at UIUC, follow this link.

Photos of our High-Bay Lab and Other Related Pix

During the winter of 1996-1997 our group put together four prototype sub-modules that were shipped over to CERN. During the summer of 1999 however, we began full submodule production. To see some pictures of both efforts, and e.g. GUI's for our PC-based stepper motor controlled 4-axis epoxy glue robot on-line DAQ program, follow this link.

Web-Cam for ATLAS TileCal Module Pre-Assembly at CERN - watch it being put together!!!

The ATLAS Scintillating Tile Hadron Calorimeters - The Main Barrel TileCal and both Extended Barrel TileCal(s) are being pre-assembled first above ground, to make certain everything fits properly. Upon completion of this task, they will be dis-assembled, temporarily stored away again, and then they will be re-assembled underground in the ATLAS Collision Hall at the LHC. To see the on-going Module Pre-Assembly work, follow this link. Please note the 7 hour time difference - the lights are turned off in this building at night!