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Prototype PMT Testing Setup

The prototype PMT Testing setup we used has been in a constant state of modification. The pictures below are snapshots of the various stages of this setup.
  • The entrance to the lab (with Jori walking in) (JPG)

  • A shot of the center of the lab (JPG)

  • The back of the lab (JPG)

  • The Dark Box:
    • A view of the outside of the Dark Box along with its dry nitrogen system (JPG)

    • A view of the inside of the Dark Box (JPG)

    • The LED holder, beam splitter (removed in this shot), and a pulsing ciruit (JPG)

    • The PMT holder (JPG)

  • The Prototype PMT Testing Facility:
    • A 2D view of the PMT Testing Facility (Postscript, GIF, JPG)

    • A simplified 3-D rendered view of the PMT Testing Facility (GIF)

  • DC Light PMT Testing System (Postscript, GIF, JPG)

  • The Pulsed Light PMT Testing System:

  • A possible design for a stepper motor controlled filter wheel (JPG)

  • Polishing area for the optical fibers (JPG)

  • R&D Work on Stepper Motor/Motion Control:
    • The complete prototype of the Stepper Motor setup (JPG)

    • The prototype of the Main Stepper Motor Driver Board (JPG)

    • The prototype of the Stepper Motor Power Amplifier (JPG)

    • The prototype of the Stepper Motor LabPC+ Interface Board (JPG)