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Previous Members of the ATLAS Group
People Jobs
Prof. Steven Errede. Project Leader
Jake Costello Graduate Lab Assistant
Jason LaDue Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Ed Ames Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Mike Griswold Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Jori Ruppert-Felsot REU student
Chandran Seshagiri REU student
John Patti REU student
Fred Cogswell Machinist

Prof. Steven Errede

Professor in University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana. Teaches the light lab (Physics 371). 
Part of the FermiLab CDF collaboration for a number of years. 
Steve's home page. 
email to


Jake Costello

Second year graduate student studying high energy physics. 
email to somewhere

Jason LaDue

Just graduated with a Bach. in Physics from here. 
Will be going to University of Colorado at Boulder to study high energy physics. 
The first year there he will be a TA. 
Also can email at 
email at

Ed Ames

Senior in Physics. Plans to go on to graduate school and study high energy physics. 
Practices a Korean martial art called Kuk Sool Won. 
email to

Mike Griswold

Senior in Physics here. 
Flies many kites. 
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Jori Ruppert-Felsot

Sophomore in Physics here. 
Highly motivated and dedicated practitioner of Kuk Sool Won. 
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Chandran Seshagiri

REU student from Rice University. 
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