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1999-2000 Members of the ATLAS Group

Prof. Steven Errede 

Professor in University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana.
Teaches the Physics of Electronic Musical Instruments Course (Physics 398EMI).
Part of the FermiLab CDF collaboration for a number of years.
Stepper motor enthusiast and lover of vintage electric guitars and tweed amps.
Steve's home page. 
email to
"Why can't this damn thing be a guitar?!?!"

Dave Forshier

Assistant Lab Technician. 
Purveyor of all things fun here in Physics Lab 1
Why is he smiling? Does he know something you don't?
"I'd rather be huntin' elk"

Tom Shaw

Progam Administrative Assistant 
The man who finds out about all of the stuff we want to buy. 
"They bought what?!?!"

Derek Duzane

Lab Electrician

Derek used to work for LITTELfuse.

Audrey Klett

Student Worker
Electrical Engineering Major at UIUC

Dave Petersen

REU student from North Park University
Physics Major
Dave's home page.
email to

"This is research?!?"

Jason Parsons

Fred's neighbor


Henry "Hank" Cordier

Physics Major from France

"Les Americains = Tres bete"

Erik Wright

Future college student

Will somebody please stop that whistling?!?!

James Selen

Sophomore at Urbana High School

"Only $5.50 an hour?!?! DAMNIT!"

Francois Poulet a.k.a. Chris Seiler

Major in Poultry Science

IS it time to call Stan yet?