Fall 2007 HETEP Schedule

When Speaker Institution Title
Sep. 10 Len Christofek Brown University Evidence for Electroweak Single Top Quark Production
Sep. 13
12:00 PM
322 LLP
Michel Herquet Universite Catholique de Louvain Twisting Higgs Phenomenology at Hadron Colliders
Sep. 17 Kathryn Zurek University of Wisconsin Probing Models of Neutrino Mass and Neutrino Interactions with the CMB
Sep. 24 Chris Marino University of Illinois Measurement of CP asymmetry in semileptonic B decays at CDF
Oct. 15 Ben Lillie University of Chicago / Argonne National Lab High p_T top quarks at the LHC
Oct. 22 Dr. Jack Laiho Washington University A model independent determination of |V_cb|
Oct. 29 Frank Petriello University of Wisconsin, Madison New techniques for computing LHC backgrounds to NLO in QCD
Nov. 8
12:00 PM
3110 ESB
Elizabeth Simmons Michigan State University  Phenomenology of the Three-Site Higgsless Model
Nov. 12 Shih-Chieh Hsu University of California, San Diego Search for Diboson Production in 11+Met: ZZ and H->WW
Nov. 26 Prof. Young-Kee Kim  University of Chicago /

Deputy Director Fermilab

 A Plan for Fermilab
Nov. 29 Anna Sfyrla Univ of Geneva / Fermilab Diboson Production in charged lepton-neutrino plus jets final state in CDF
Dec. 3   Marc Ross   Fermilab  Engineering Design Report: The next phase of the ILC
Dec. 6
12:00 PM
464 LLP
Jianrong Deng Duke University Study of Z\gamma Production at CDF