n2kglos - need to know Glossary

last updated 14 oct 97 - mjh

VBPCB typically has at least two (and often, many) ways to do things: you can find a button/icon/pulldown to click on, or you can type in a "key-in" command. Commands are entered in the small text field at the bottom of the VBPCB window, just left of center. A very common command to "key-in" to this field is a grid change request, e.g.

to set the grid to 50 mil. Key-in commands are a critical aspect of VBPCB, since many of the commands have highly constrained mouse syntax. If you try to change the placement grid while in Place Components, using the mouse, that action will drop you out of Place Components. However, if you type "gu=0.05" while in Place Components, the grid will change and you will remain in Place Components. VBDC also supports key-in commands, but they don't play as important of a role, since VBDC is not as heavily layered as is VBPCB. Be aware that many commands (both VBPCB and VBDC) assume control of the keyboard. Thus, key strokes may *not* go into the key-in field, but may be interpreted as operational for the current command. Look at the screen, and check where your characters are going, before hitting .