XTRP Engineering Documentation

Engineering information is available for the XTRP as follows:

October 1, 1997 Status Report Slides


xtr_cabl03.ps XTRP crate slot assignment & interfaces

ctl_diag02.ps XTRP Clock/control Board

input_mux06.ps XFT/XTRP interface (Obsolete)

bbs_diag02.ps XTRP Track Trigger Board

wdg_diag03.ps XTRP Data Board

xtr_cabl05.ps XTRP/Customer interfaces (Obsolete)

Jan 13, 1998 Synchronization, timing and interface issues

xtr_if01.ps XTRP Synchronization

xtr_if02.pdf XTRP/Customer_interfaces (Last Modified Jan 20 1998)

General XTRP Information

XFT_XTRP.txt XFT/XTRP Pin Assignment

XFT_XTRP_rev2.txt !!NEW (Draft)!! XFT/XTRP Pin Assignment

tmlayout01.pdf XTRP Connector Cartoon

LVL1TRKTRG.PS Track Trigger Documentation

Digital_Link.txt XFT/XTRP Connector Data

VME011TM_gdo.zip XTRP Data Board Transition Module - gerber files

draft.pdf XTRP Data Board Transition Module - draft

datab_address.h C code

datab_memory.c C code

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